Best Practices for Email Automation

Oct 10 2018

Lewise Hiltz

The tools available today are highly effective, and the variety of technologies and capabilities keep growing, but email marketing is still the king of ROI in the marketing kingdom. In my opinion IBM Watson Campaign Automation is the leading email automation tool available to marketers today.

Better Customer Digital Experiences AND a 661% ROI

Sep 25 2018

Brian Chaput

Ever wish you could go back to a simpler time? People who had businesses back before the internet were interested in providing a great customer experience, but it was all pretty straightforward. The customer had only a few touch points with the business — face to face, phone or mail – and the successful businesses put their best foot forward to create a great impression.

3 Reasons People Are Critical For Digital Transformation Success

Aug 21 2018

Daniel Newman

Who is responsible for attracting top talent to your organization? Who creates your marketing campaigns and strategies for sales? Who interacts with customers on a daily basis? Your employees do. Employees are the lifeblood of business and yet we tend to forget what it would be like without them. We forget that even though we have technology for every task, nothing can replace the human touch and spirit. And for this reason, people drive the digital transformation.